Attley Stone

Branding and Identity
Graphic Design
Web Design

Attley Stone needed a memorable way to balance professionalism with their passion for craftsmanship and heritage stonework.  

Project Objectives

Attley Stone is a stone masonry company based out of the mountain town of Squamish, BC. The company wanted to elevate the brand, through professionalism and consistency, to become the go-to name for construction contractors in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor (Whistler, Squamish, & Vancouver, BC).


To create consistency, Attley Stone received a new brand identity and website.

A custom serif ‘A’ that includes a fluid arm was created to subtly evoke the landscape of the Sea to Sky: mountain/road/sea. The typeface for the logo was chosen to embody the craftsmanship and tactility of the trade.


Branding & Identity
Business Cards
Truck Wrap
Web Design 


John and William Attley 

Designer & Role

Aubrey Emlyn

Creative Director + Designer



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