Sea to Sky Community Services

Branding and Identity

Sea-to-Sky Community Services had grown and developed considerably; as they entered their 40th year of operation, they felt it was time to refresh their brand.

Project Objectives

Sea-to-Sky Community Services (SSCS) had the following objectives in mind for their re-branding:

  • Improve visibility and identity

  • Better connect their brand with the breadth of products and services offered

  • Create a brand identity that represents the connection to the communities they serve

  • Be inclusive and reflect their accessibility

  • Resonate with the people they serve

  • Identify their place in the town as the primary provider of social services

  • Demonstrate the depth and reach of their products and services


We consulted employees and management in Squamish, Whistler, and Pemberton by conducting organization-wide surveys, holding in-person workshops, and liaising with a panel of community advisors.

The final logo represents the feeling of a hug and a friendly wave ready to receive the community. It evokes warmth and inclusiveness. The main ‘body’ of the figure references an element from Aboriginal art. The open arms are welcoming in “anyone in need within the Sea to Sky Corridor”.
To complete the branding mission, vision, and existence, statements were generated. Existing brand colours were well-liked, so similar lively green, purple, and blues were selected to create a stronger feeling of vibrancy and professionalism.


Brand Strategy
Branding & Identity


Sea to Sky Community Services

Designer & Role

Robin Miller & Aubrey Emlyn

Creative Direction + Project Management + Design



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