The Practice Studio

Branding and Identity
Graphic Design
Print and Editorial
Web Design

The owner of this Vancouver fitness studio wanted to revitalize not only the look of this fitness studio but to create a holistic fitness system and to bring passion back to the studio’s daily operations.

Project Objectives

The team at DEHOCO took a multifaceted look at this project. Initially, the scope was to create new branding for the existing company SeaCity Fitness. After two days of intensive review of the current business, the entire premise of the studio was revitalized to be more in line with the owner’s goals, passions, and vision.


The team created a new framework of classes and programs built around the belief that health has four pillars; Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation, and Life Design (Coaching/ Guidance).

A new name, brand identity, marketing material (flyers, signage, videos, and photography), and the interior of the fitness centre was re-designed and brought to life as The Practice Studio.


Branding & Identity
Business Cards
Class Offerings Refinement
Studio Space Design
Web design 


The Practice Studio (formally Sea City Fitness)

Designer & Role

Robin Miller (with the DEHOCO Team)

Graphic Design 



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